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 Poetry Competition.

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PostSubject: Poetry Competition.   Fri 09 Mar 2012, 8:28 am

We've decided to hold a Harry Potter themed poetry competition.

The winner shall receive 50 points for their house.

Poems should be posted on here by 8 pm GMT on the 15th March 2012. They should be 'fresh' and not have been posted on the forum before. Any which have will be deleted off the thread.

1 entry per student please.

Poems should be written out of character and can be on any subject within the Harry Potter/Wizarding world.

I shall then post a poll to vote on your favourite.

Good luck to all.

Head mistress.

Head of Hufflepuff house.

Defense against the dark arts professor.

Head admin.

Creator of the role play.

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Slytherin 4th Year

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PostSubject: Re: Poetry Competition.   Fri 09 Mar 2012, 8:32 am

Through these halls.

Along those empty halls,
Secrets hidden in the walls,
Whispered softly to all,
No matter if it’s big or small,
The walls they do know,
They know the fear and woe,
It all happened right here,
Just listen and it’s clear,
The beginning, the end,
The stories aren’t pretend,
All that happened is told,
Through these halls he strode,
Just a child, like them who walk now,
Of hurt and pain was his vow,
His life was for one thing only,
Without anyone but never lonely,
For he was who they feared,
If before you he appeared,
The end would certainly be near,
And all who lived in fear,
Found hope in one,
And the war was won.
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Adelle Petrona
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Slytherin 6th Year

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PostSubject: Re: Poetry Competition.   Fri 09 Mar 2012, 8:45 am

Simba couldn't wait to be king in the muggle world,
Just like you couldn't wait, you became king of the wizarding world,
It was your destiny,
Along with Simbas.
You are both lions,
Both brave and silly at times,
Both fast at running
And make friends with ones
You usually wouldn't

Which made us possible.

You are my Simba. ♥

((( I wrote this IC as Tracey Davis who is dating Ronald Weasley...urgh...it's awful )))
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Amelia Sage Lawrence
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Ravenclaw 5th Year

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PostSubject: Re: Poetry Competition.   Fri 09 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

So here's my entry! Sorry it's so long but I hope you enjoy it!

I wasn’t sure how to tell you this,
So i thought id write it down,
To say thankyou for all you did,
For not letting me drown,
In my worry for all the kids,
As they fought for what was right.
For helping me to cry and grieve ,
When one was lost in that fateful fight.
I always wondered what Id done,
To deserve what happened there.
You helped me to begin to see,
Griefs easier when you share.
I loved Fred with all my heart,
I cried for months on end
Watched in horror as my son George,
Lost his own best friend.
I saw the spark die in his heart
As Fred took his final breath,
But I had to look around and see,
His was not the only death.
Lupin and tonks have left Teddy behind,
Ive tried to help him grow,
Tried to be strong, and not to cry,
Not to let it show.
But late at night I can’t hold it in,
Then I feel your hand in mine,
I know your there to help me through,
And help our kids to shine.
So wherever Fred is now,
Looking down from above,
I hope he sees how much I need,
Your pure, unending love.
Molly x

I hope you’re listening Fred,
Somewhere in the sky
And if you are, i’d like to ask
Can angels really fly?
And if they can, please fly down here
I have something I want to say
And if you can I’m sure by now,
that you have found a way.
I want to tell you I miss you Fred,
Life just isn’t the same
No one to laugh or joke around
Or play a stupid game.
No one to hug, I’m all alone
I miss your knowing smile
I wish you were here to listen now
And sit with me for a while.
Id tell you about ron,
He finally did the deed,
Kissed Hermionie in the final fight,
A fine young pair indeed!
Harrys back with Ginny now,
And i’m still holey inside,
Mums gone quiet, pretending to be strong,
But alone, at night, she cries.
I sometimes wish I could join her,
And weep my sadness away,
But then I think and remember,
I’ll be up there with you someday.
So Bill and fleur are happy,
And teddys living with us,
Charlies face is healed
But mum still makes a fuss.
I hope you liked the update,
I’ll try to keep in touch,
But you must always remember,
I love you so much.
I cant produce a pratronus
Because all the happiness i’ve had,
Reminds me of our times together,
But I know I should be glad,
So I will keep on smiling,
Though It will never reach my eyes,
And one day I will join you,
When the last of the partnership dies.
George x

Hey George you’re still holy,
I can see you from up here,
With that bright ginger mop on top of your head,
And the round hole in your ear.
I heard what you wrote me,
And I started to write,
Of what I want to tell you,
Of that fateful night.
I wanted to say i’ll always be here,
To hear what you have to say,
I can follow you anywhere and see what you do,
Anytime of any day.
I’m glad Ron and Hermione finally sorted,
Their arguing, shouting mess,
And that Ginny is happy with someone I love,
And that Charlie is looking his best.
If you see mum crying alone,
Sit with her and smile our smile,
And make her believe, just for that night,
That I am there for a while.
Because I can see her sat there,
And I sit with my hand in hers,
And watch as she weeps her sorrows away,
Until dad puts his hand in hers.
George, I need you to carry on,
To help the weasleys get through,
Tell Percy i forgive him, he’s a brave man inside
No matter what he didn’t do.
Tell him to stop grieving, that it wasn’t his fault,
And I hope he is happy forever,
And now to you, my partner in crime,
Keep going and finish our endeavour.
Fill up the shop with toys, sweets and jokes,
Keep my legacy alive,
And smile and be happy inside,
Ask Angelina to be your wife.
And when you are finished with life down there,
I’ll greet you with open arms,
Until that day bring smiles galore,
And keep everyone out of harm.
Be strong George, Fred x

Um so, yeh! Weasley poems... I enjoyed writing so enjoy reading! Smile
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Harmony Blaze
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Slytherin 6th Year

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PostSubject: Re: Poetry Competition.   Sat 10 Mar 2012, 4:03 am

Year One
So smart, but oh so shy.
You made cry, remember the day?
But then, you saved me,
Never the same would I be.

Year Two
The chamber opens
Please watch my back,
Figure out my clues,
Save me from this state

Year Three
He escapes! He's out!
The rat is a scout
Waiting to let out his master
Come quick! We must go faster!
Turn back time, to stop it all.
We will let the man stand tall

Year Four
Now you two are fighting
Don't make me choose
The boy I love
Or the boy who lives
Danger at every corner
Watching us behind every door
Think quick, and be strong
He's back, we must be careful

Year Five
The horrid woman is here
It's time to disappear
Learn to fight
While hiding from sight
We are caught
Let's hope we learned what he taught
Can we keep up this trick
As we get rid of this tick?

Year Six
He has to leave the school
I'm still waiting for you to get the hint
When will you see that I love you, and not he?
The battle approaches,
Now our headmaster is dead
You keep yelling
Saying you knew it along
I roll my eyes, wishing you weren't screaming
Waiting for you to see the truth
Of me, of you, of everyone

Year Seven
Now its time to go
Waiting for the doe
You leave
And I have to grieve
Waiting for you to return
The tables turn
You come back
I'm hurt, angry, trying not to crack
The battle is here,
Fighting, dying, she was right, the seer
Now will you kiss me?
Will you notice my love for you be?
You do, at last.
Everything is past
He is dead..
But so isn't others. Other's like Fred.
So many gone,
It's a new dawn…
Mourning, hurt
Fading away to love.
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PostSubject: Re: Poetry Competition.   

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Poetry Competition.
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