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Important role play news.
Please read the updated rules list. I will only tolerate users breaking them a little longer. Everyone has had enough time to read them, so please make sure you do and you follow them. Check out the student year advancement post. Your character will need to have done all the things on their years list to advance a year for next term. New role play locations will be added by staff tomorrow. Oliver and katie.
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The Hunger Games RPG is a free, text based mmorpg based on the bestselling series; The Hunger Games.

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 Updated rule list. 01/05/2012

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PostSubject: Updated rule list. 01/05/2012   Wed 02 May 2012, 3:48 am

1. No bullying.
2. Post your character in our new character section before role playing please.
3. Admin is the main admin and creater. What she and the other admins say goes. Have respect for her and the other admins or we will ban you.
4. No sexual content please. This is a PG role play.
5. No swearing.
6. Please include this passcode on your character registration to prove you've read the rules: Huff Claw Puff Raven Gryff Sly Dor Therin.
7. No killing a character unless it has been cleared with your house admin, the character concerned and the main admin.
8. Stay true to your house. Only comment in house designated areas if you are in that house. Other posts will be deleted by the admin.
9. Any problems you have with someone, please let an admin know before taking it upon yourself to cause trouble on the role play. Both characters will be banned otherwise.
10. Original characters only. Requests for canon characters will be denied. Admins have the right to change any info about your character if it is deemed too complicated, will have too much of an impact on other role players already using the site or for any other acceptable reason.
11. Admins have the right to delete any post/topic they deem to be not suited to the role play.
12. All posts in character must be of at least 50 words. Any member who breaks this will receive a warning. This is to encourage a better role playing enviroment for all.
13. No drug or alcohol abuse. This will be considered a very serious breach of the rules and could result in your account being deleted. As will any talk either IC or OOC of any drug, legal or non legal. You have been warned.
14. No rape/abuse story lines. This will result in your removal from the site.

Feel free to message the admins about any concerns you may have. We're here to help and we love role playing just as much as you do.

Our facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hogwarts-role-play-forum-fb-page/230670453690431?sk=wall

Head mistress.

Head of Hufflepuff house.

Defense against the dark arts professor.

Head admin.

Creator of the role play.
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Updated rule list. 01/05/2012
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