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Please read the updated rules list. I will only tolerate users breaking them a little longer. Everyone has had enough time to read them, so please make sure you do and you follow them. Check out the student year advancement post. Your character will need to have done all the things on their years list to advance a year for next term. New role play locations will be added by staff tomorrow. Oliver and katie.
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 Role play development C1.

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PostSubject: Role play development C1.   Sun 06 May 2012, 2:49 am


I shall write out a role play section, you should rpely, in as much detail as possible, your characters replying role play post.

Please note that this is not a typical role playing thread, no 'group' role playing will accuire. You will write 1 post, no more then this.

The headmistress sat at the head of the teachers table, looking down across the students sat at the house tables infront of her. She places her elbows on the table, fingers interlocked. The students looked back at her, many knowing that this would be a serious announcement. The headmistress, as far as any student sat in the hall knew, had never called the whole school together like this. Many had concerned looks on their faces.

Katie stood, places her hands palm down on the table. She began to speak, in a clear voice:
'Many of you will be wondering why I have called the school together like this. Last term, there were several student deaths. The ministery has requested I question every student in this school about what they know. This is a serouise matter. Myself, and the ministery have reason to beleive one, if not all of the students were murdered. You will be called into my office at some piont over the next few days to undergo questioning about what you may, or may not know. If I find out anyone in this room commited such an act, they will be expelled and handed over to the wizengamot and tried for their acts of sever breach of magical law.'

She dismissed the students, a look of great pain on her face. It greived her to think one of her students may have commited such acts. But she had no choice but to investigate. She owed the dead students families as much for failing to protect their offspring.

You have been called to the headistresses office, you must role play what happened. The headmistress can ask any question you choice. You can respond however you wish.

Replies must be 100 words or more and at least 2 paragraphs long. Be creative.

Head mistress.

Head of Hufflepuff house.

Defense against the dark arts professor.

Head admin.

Creator of the role play.
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PostSubject: Re: Role play development C1.   Mon 07 May 2012, 1:37 am

(OOC: I will be doing a long one... I'm in that sort of a mood XD)

Aimee walked slowly through the halls, heading to the Headmistresss office. She didn't know what to expect, only that, as being responsible for one of the deaths and knowing what happened with the other 2, she'd better think of something quick. It was the day after the headmistresses announcement, and she hadn't been expecting to be called this quickly. Maybe they know it was me. She thought to herself grimly. Would she do better to confess all or plead ignorance?
She reached the headmistresses office. Here goes nothing. She thought and said the password, her voice calm and collected. Inside she was a bit of a mess. She didn't want to go to Azkaban, for all her tough facade, she felt fear as much as anyone else. She just didn't like to let it show.
She walked up the staircase, pausing outside the door. She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. The headmistress was sat at her desk, a few peices of both empty and full parchment laying on the desk.
She walked over, nothing about her or how she was acting was out of the ordinary for her.
'Sit down Miss Lords.' Said the headmistress kindly.
Aimee sat, wondering if the kindness in the headmistresses voice was an act or genuine.
'Now Miss Lords. I have to ask you, were you present for any of the deaths concerned? Those of Miss Blaze, Mr Sareph or Mr Ryucha.'
Aimee looked at her, trying to see into the headmistresses eyes, to detect how she should play this. Finding nothing, she decided ignorance would be the best police.
'No Headmistress I was not.' She said, no emotion in her eyes, no change of expression evident. Inside however, her heart was pounding and she could feel it, the fear was distant, but there all the same.
'Miss Lords, I've recieved several complaints from students saying that you bully younger students. I have turned a blind eye to this, but, from the evidence as I see it, you were the best placed to commit every death concerned. I have also had an owl from Miss Blaze's grandmother, stating that Haromany, Serenitys sister, has had some... Rather unusual things to say about yourself.'
Aimee shook her head. 'Maybe I haven't been the kindest to other students but I could never commit murder... Least of all on another student. Sure, me and Serenity didn't get on. We even argued the night she died but I would never have gone to such lengths. Not for her or anyone else. I value my future far too much to throw it away like that.' She said, looking the headmistress in the eye throughout. She raises her eyebrows and tilted her head slightly. 'Who says they were murdered anyway? Even within the students there's been no such talk.'
The headmistress leaned back in her chair and stared down at Aimee, her head tilted back. 'Miss Lords, that sort of attitude is not the best to have in such a suitiation as this.'
Aimee stopped herself from rolling her eyes. 'If anyone should be questioned it should be Jonny. That's all I'm saying. Now I'm going, this is a senseless waste of time when I could be furtherin my magical education.'
The headmistress sighed softly. 'Ok Miss Lords, you may leave.'
Aimee stood and thanked the headmistress, then turned and left. She walked through the castle and sunk into a wall, her hands shaking slightly. She was pretty sure the headmistress would not question Jonny as she had told her to. She breathed deep, after all, who would think a Gryffindor would commit such an act?

((OOC: Yer I'm sleepy so lost interest haha))
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PostSubject: Re: Role play development C1.   Wed 09 May 2012, 9:46 am

Carly strolled down the hall towards the Headmistress's office with a smile on her face. "This will be easy," she thought, "I would never kill someone. Maybe lose my temper and crucio Marshall or Marcy by accident and quickly apologize." It still took an effort to make her move toward the office. The Ravenclaw was terrified to the bone even though she knew absolutely nothing about the deaths. She never even really knew the victims. Carly stood outside the Headmistress's office and said the password, walking up the staircase inside.

She peered in through the already open door and stood up a little straighter. Professors, Eric, Apollo, and few others had the effect of making her try to be more proper. Her parents even made her act more suitable. Out of everyone, though, the Headmistress made her try to appear more proper than with anyone else. It was rather annoying. Her vanished smile reappeared when the Headmistress welcomed her into her office. Carly looked around at the portraits of previous headmasters and headmistresses as she walked up to the Headmistress's desk. She sat down as she was asked to.

Her hands were balled into fists, hidden in her skirt. She didn't want to be accused of any crime she didn't commit. If she had murdered someone she'd be sent off to Azkaban leaving her father's auror job lost, her little brother and sister never to be trusted, and her mother being frowned upon with questions like, "What did you do to her?" and, "Is that how you raise a kid?" Her family would lay in ruins. The girl gave a firm smile and answered the questions with a strong edge in her voice that wasn't usually there. A lot of innocent kids were probably called here. No big deal. No one expects an auror's daughter to be the mastermind of the deaths. Just some curious questioning to be sure she was innocent. That was all this was. Carly was dismissed after answering all the Headmistress's questions with a smile. "That wasn't so hard."

She walked to the common room and swore. She had forgotten the answer to the day's riddle so she went off to the library. There would surely be some Ravenclaw on the right path to the answer. If there wasn't she might as well work on her researching skills and find the answer. Again.
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PostSubject: Re: Role play development C1.   

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Role play development C1.
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