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 Rough Draft of the last scene of my book

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PostSubject: Rough Draft of the last scene of my book   Sun 12 Feb 2012, 12:12 pm

Set Fire to the Rain

WARNING: Is a bit violent and has a few swears

There was nothing to hide me from the oncoming boys. I reached down terrified. The cold metal of my last weapon sliced into my ankle as I quickly pulled the knife out of my boot. Grady’s eyes were focused on me, a dark demented kind of longing behind them. He held his spear poised ready to be close enough to throw it and kill me. Tucker was closing in behind him. I secretly hoped Tucker caught up with Grady before Grady had a chance to throw that menacing spear my direction. I took a deep breath bracing myself, a sudden chilling wind blowing through the almost barren land. I closed my eyes for a moment trying to slow everything down. Tucker fell to the ground knocking Grady down with him. In his back an axe, the signature weapon of the only person who mattered anymore. I ran forward as Rowan’s sickly face came into view jumping out from being a dead tree. A loud annoying beep sounded signaling that Tucker had died. Grady pushed Tucker’s lifeless body off of him, enraged he lunged at Rowan.

The Cloudless Tundra sky split open, drenching us in bitter stinging rain. My whole body hurt but I couldn’t focus on that. I was tired of fighting, of being strong but I had to keep my feet moving. As fast as I was, I still wasn’t fast enough. The whole world seemed to slow down as I watched them. Rowan was weak and weaponless, I knew he didn’t have a chance, in my mind I refused to believe it. Rowan fell to his knees Grady’s spear sticking out of his stomach. I hit the cold ground my eyes focused on the blood spurting out of Rowan’s body. This shouldn’t have happened, no one should have to die this way, fighting for their own life just so some rich bastards can be entertained. I wanted to scream but I had no time. Grady was already done with Rowan willing to let him die slowly.

He turned towards me slowly his disgusting long hair billowing in the bitter wind. The metal biting into my palm as I gripped the knife tighter and tighter, the few colors of this place faded away as my anger ate away at my soul. I stood up blood running down my arm but it didn’t matter. I focused my energy on the rain; I wanted to do the impossible. The look in Brady’s eyes told me, for him this was already over, I was weak and broken, and he had no idea what he had done to me.

I ran forward non perplexed as the tree behind Grady burst out in an all consuming fire, The rain drops burning my skin as they turned into tiny fireballs. Grady Jumped back the burn confusing him. Set fire to the rain, they said, do the impossible. That was the plan. His eyes glared at me, his mechanical smile telling me he figured it out. My secret, the one I’ve tried so long to keep hidden, it was now in the open and only an idiot wouldn’t know. I just didn’t care anymore, let them know about my witches blood, let them burn me at the stake. Nothing could be a bad as the prison my own mind had become.
Grady ran at me full force, his brain and his legs obviously not on the same page. I laughed throwing the last weapon at my disposal, aiming for the place that would cause him the most pain possible. This is what he had done to me. What the state had turned me into. My aim impeccable, like always and the knife stayed gouged in his eye. I saw his mouth open and the air rushing into his lungs but I heard no noise. No scream over the crackle of the rain as it burned into my skin. I walked slowly to him watching as he squirmed in pain. I wanted him to suffer, to finally feel the pain that he had caused everyone since the day he could walk. I was demented in my thinking but it wouldn’t stop. I enjoyed watching him convulse in pain, I stepped on his throat, for the first time seeing compassion behind his eyes, but it was too late for him. My anger ruled me, the bitterness of how unfair this stupid competition was pushed farther in my anger. I yanked the knife from his eye, looking away hearing the pop of his eye ball leaving the socket. I knew looking down would be a bad choice later on, the grotesque scene under me would be the thing of nightmares for as long as I would live, but I looked anyway. At this moment nothing could deter me, I was this cold hearted killer, I was exactly what the state wanted me to be. Every breath I took hurt, it burned my insides but I carried on.

“Die, Bitch.” My voice strong and audible to the hundreds of camera’s zooming around me. I hoped those smug rich bastards got the show they were finally looking for. I lifted the knife, the eye still on it and brought it down with as much force as I could manage into the place where Grady’s heart should have been. I could feel him leaving this world before the beep signaling his death sounded, that stupid Celtic blood of mine made everything worse. The color returned to the tundra, the vivid fire burning out in the blink of an eye. I ran the few feet to Rowan sliding in the blood and melted snow, I lifted his head placing it in my lap. His handsome boyish face pale and bloodless, I could feel him still with me and I wanted so badly for there to be a chance.

I stroked his raven hair brushing it out of his face, attempting to focus my energy on him. I placed a hand on his chest feeling the heat begin and his eyes opened slightly, staring me down.
“Don’t” He whispered weakly his voice barely audible over the pounding of the rain upon us. He knew what I was doing, and I knew he hated it. He always had ever since the first time in training, what seemed like years ago. I didn’t listen then and I wasn’t going to start now. Fuck his male ego, it couldn’t end like this. I could lose him when I was just finding him. He was the only thing that could save me from the mind set the state had create in me, I couldn’t continue on without him.

“Brina Stop!” I looked into his eyes so blue and deep, like the ocean he told me of that first night in the city. I closed my eyes unable to look at him, what he wanted I couldn’t do. I couldn’t do it. He was my rock, the only thing keeping me stable, bringing me back in my times of utter and complete insanity. All of this shit had left him unchanged, scared but he was still the same butchers son he had been when we started. He needed to live. “Brina Stop” He repeated his voice stronger for a moment. I lifted my hand off of his chest, opening my eyes again fighting the tears behind them.

“Rowan, don’t ask me to let you die. I can’t” I despised the weakness I was hearing in my own voice. I wasn’t that girl, the one who gave into the pain, I had to set my jaw to keep it from quivering, this couldn’t be happening. I was delusional from the berry’s I ate yesterday. Rowan wasn’t laying here making me kill him. This whole show I could take. Reed’s blood on my hands Felix’s lifeless eyes looking up at me I could take, but not this, anything but this. I placed my hand over his heart again, he pushed me away with as much force as he could muster. “Please Rowan.” I cried out.

“Brina,” My common name exceptional sounding coming from his lips, I gritted my teeth knowing I wouldn’t like what he’d say next. “you have to let me die, it’ll never end if you don’t” his voice was weaker, what little life I had given him quickly draining from him as he continued to refuse my help. What good was this power if it couldn’t help him? I knew he was right though, if I healed him the state wouldn’t let us go until one of us was dead. I sat holding him in my arms the pain of not being able to do anything burned my skin. My chest tightened as I felt the life drain from his body. I finally understood my father’s suicide. Nothing could feel as bad as this, as watching someone so close to you die and not being able to do a thing about it.

I placed my good hand on his cheek, his face already cold from the bitter chill the tundra provided; his eyes fluttered staring up at me one last time.

“I love…” his words cut off, his eyes staring off into the distance. He was dead. I wanted to scream, to shout about the injustice of it all. No! No! No! This couldn’t be happening, he couldn’t be dead… He just couldn’t, not like this in the freezing cold with just me here to comfort him. I… God damn it. I loved him, and now he would never know. The beep signaling his death broke the flood gates and I couldn’t keep my tears in check. I held him close knowing everybody was watching but not giving a damn. I was tired of being strong and distant. Rowan was gone and I had no hope left.
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PostSubject: Re: Rough Draft of the last scene of my book   Sun 12 Feb 2012, 12:35 pm

Not bad. Very Happy
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Rough Draft of the last scene of my book
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